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“Terns are small white seabirds that can hover, but it’s also a 30-key keyboard based on the Hummingbird”

“What do we always look at, but never fully understand? Ourselves.

Narciss is a naked robot infront of a mirror, exposed to describe his thoughts while looking at himself. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence, the experiment translates self-portraits of a digital body into lyrical guesses.”

“Another Julia set for the cubic f(q)=q³+c, cut in half so we can better see the inner Cantor structure.”

“Wacław Szpakowski was a trained architect who dedicated an inordinate amount of his own free time to hand-drawing elaborate mazes and patterns using only a single line.”

“We wanted to explore ceramic designs that really required the use of 3D printing and would be nearly impossible to make any other way, even by hand. […] It took us over a month of experimentation to figure out how to properly print the material.”

The challenges involved in printing porcelain sound fascinating and intimidating!

“My name is Edouard Martinet. I am a sculptor and I make animals out of salvaged materials.”

Insanely detailed comic, available on iPad in the Image Comics app About the second issue, which consists of 30 pages: “Yes. This comic took four years to make.”

“[…] an ongoing project that explores how richly-detailed single subject maps can give us new imagery to understand our landscape”

“New techniques in machine learning and image processing allow us to extrapolate the scene of a painting to see what the full scenery might have looked like.”

“A geometric audio-reactive visualization using diptych format in various ways. Originally showcased with two projectors on a diptych setting.”

“I am a bot that grabs a random word and draws semi-random lines until the OCRad.js library recognizes it as the word.”

“With an edge sander, half a millimeter is sanded off each work piece (wood, walnut, transformer, skull or analogue camera) and photographed.”

IDE concept

http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/306316578/light-table http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3837512

“Blog for adult fans of LEGO”


Finally a reason to use social features of Flickr: flic.kr/f/qzMk5

“A complete electronic circuit—programmed by the artist and assembled by hand—plays the music through a headphone jack mounted into the case itself.”

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