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“Another Julia set for the cubic f(q)=q³+c, cut in half so we can better see the inner Cantor structure.”

procedural system for generating historical maps of rivers that never existed

procedural system for creating needlework patterns from 3D geometry

“It also included several interesting phrases which stood out to me, including Every Atom Procedural and Every Planet Unique. On its own, this language was not a surprising angle for a game to take in its marketing. The Binding of Isaac’s Steam page, for example, promises ‘you never play the same game twice‘ but no-one so much as raises an eyebrow when they sit down and discover that they are, shockingly, playing The Binding Of Isaac every time.”

“When we use extreme language to talk about procedural generators (or any other kind of technology), we encourage people to draw extreme conclusions.”

“For many other generators, you might think that explaining how its processes work would be kind of… boring? You’d probably be right. A lot of generators are boring, and I think that’s one of the reasons why we reach for the big numbers and strong statements, to cover up this fact.”

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