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Two sax players, inluding “that guy from Too Many Zooz”, jam during a 24 minute walk filmed in a single shot. I especially like the “argument” part that starts at 15:20.

“[…] I wanted take a minute to celebrate the opposite end of that spectrum: the people who are not talented, not driven, not striving, not improving, not recording, not sharing, but who are enriched by the sound-making process nonetheless.”

“Orca is an esoteric programming language designed to quickly create procedural sequencers […].

This application is not a synthesizer, but a flexible livecoding environment capable of sending MIDI, OSC & UDP to your audio/visual interfaces, like Ableton, Renoise, VCV Rack or SuperCollider.”

“Pilot is a UDP synthesizer designed to be controlled externally. It was created as a companion application to the livecoding environment ORCA.”

“The Vult modules are ‘Virtual Analog’. The internals of the modules are modeled using electrical components and differential equations derived from my own and existing circuits.”

“Making a demo in just 256 bytes would be a formidable challenge regardless of platform. A Mind Is Born is my attempt to do it on the Commodore 64.”

“Yaybahar is an electric-free, totally acoustic instrument designed by Gorkem Sen. The vibrations from the strings are transmitted via the coiled springs to the frame drums. These vibrations are turned into sound by the membranes which echo back and forth on the coiled springs.”

“We’re actually working on that now with Paul. We’re taking the sessions from the record, which were mixed and mastered some time ago, and we’re diving back into those and pulling elements out, and then re-recording more variation, more complimentary sounds. […] You know that you have to make a record and that the record has to make sense and be accessible, and at the same time you know that all of that music is totally destroyable and it’s going to be atomized and rendered in a great number of variations.”

“But the way it tends to play out is that most generated stuff tends towards ambient and quite granular, soft, synth-y stuff because the nature of a computer game as opposed to scoring a film means that the music’s never quite sure what action it’s about to be soundtracking. It could be anything because the player’s got agency. Having a soft, ambient soundtrack that can react very quickly tends to work best, but obviously the further you go in that direction the less memorable, the less melodic it becomes.”

“Bytebeat music has no conventional musical notation — there is no notes or chords or even instruments. All you have is a mathematical expression that is evaluated for each time frame to generate the next amplitude value of the sound wave.”

“In homage, I’ve made a series of extended edits that hold a microscope up to these jewel-like sounds. Six Windows startup tones, from 95 to Vista, are slowed to 4000% of their original speed, transforming each into an ambient piece of several minutes’ duration, and amplifying the internal structures of these iconic, dream-like sounds.”

“[Djent is] the onomatopoeia of a heavily palm muted distorted guitar chord which is usually played as but not limited to a 4 string double octave powerchord, and as a result sounds much more metallic and sonically present than a ‘chug’, ‘chugga’ or ‘djun’ per se, and which is basically how Periphery would describe its palm muted guitar sound.”

Science-fiction alternative hip-hop from Kid Koala and people associated with Gorillaz. Featuring Zack de la Rocha, Damon Albarn, Mike Patton, Joseph Gordon-Levitt…

“A complete electronic circuit—programmed by the artist and assembled by hand—plays the music through a headphone jack mounted into the case itself.”

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