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“kids these days spend too much time looking at their phones and not enough time worshipping the unknowably ancient standing stone outside of town that no one seems to remember seeing before”

“Releasing new music soon! So excited for everything I’ve worked on to have a small chance of being algorithmically chosen for people who’ve never heard of me to have on quietly in the background 🔥🔥”

“[…] I wanted take a minute to celebrate the opposite end of that spectrum: the people who are not talented, not driven, not striving, not improving, not recording, not sharing, but who are enriched by the sound-making process nonetheless.”

“Love the master’s degree level art speak being flexed on some of these cryptoart descriptions, like ru really exploring the convergence of time & spatial repetition through the digital lens of hierarchical complexity, or did ya throw some cubes in a cloner next 2 a bald lady?”

“If you’re going to have an entirely anecdotal belief system at least, like- have good anecdotes?”

“I’ve asked this in interviews at my aerospace engineering firm for 30 years: What planes do you build at home? Many answer they dont have time. Wrong. Build missiles at home. Every day. If you dont have that passion aerospace engineering isn’t really for you. Launch small rockets.”

“Rookie marketers make the mistake of thinking choice is a good thing. Choice is a tax on your time and attention. Consumers don’t want more choice, but more confidence in the choices presented. Customers want someone else to do the research and curate the options for them.”

“i say, while everyone is trying to jump to mars for no clear reason, we gently embed a ship into a carbony asteroid and figure out how to live off the carbon and then spend 5 generations hopping from one to the next, progressively figuring out how to live further and further from the sun, eventually leaving the oort cloud entirely and settling up to live off the tidal forces a satellite feels when orbiting a rogue gas giant…”

“whenever I have my brain problems more or less sorted out I turn into a slightly different person with slightly different problems and my coping mechanisms break down and I have to start all over again…”

“Give a man a game and he’ll play for a day. Teach a man to make games and he’ll never play one for the rest of his life.”

“Monte Carlo originated as a form of emergency first aid, in answer to the question: What to do until the mathematician arrives?”

“Life is a lot like tweeting, so try to squeeze in as much as you can and get a lot of retweets, because before you know it, you’re out of ch”

“You can prematurely optimize maintainability, flexibility, security, and robustness just like you can performance.”

“A revolutionary digital currency free of central banks, deposits, or stable concepts of ownership and value.”

“NASA: Decade long flight across the solar system. Arrives within 72 seconds of predicted. No errors. Me: undefined is not a function”

“I’m relatable because I seem shy and chubby and good hearted and there’s absolutely nothing sinister about me at all as far as you know.”

“Almost all integers are so large they’re impossible to express within any finite universe. So «pick a random number» is quite dangerous.”

“Luck is nothing to do with it. […] If something breaks, it means somewhere there has been a mistake with a part or whatever it is, so it’s not strong enough or has been designed wrong. […] Normally it’s human error. It’s the same as if I do a mistake in the car; it’s not unlucky, it’s my mistakes. That’s racing.”

“Lots of people want to work with us to help us show you ads. We politely explain to them that lolno.”

“you seem to think i’m random, but i’m only psuedorandom. you would be exactly this way, were you seeded at the very same time and place.”

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