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“Epoch is an experimental film intended to take you on a voyage through our solar system and beyond. It is a personal project orchestrated to share our enjoyment and admiration for science fiction films and literature.”

“i say, while everyone is trying to jump to mars for no clear reason, we gently embed a ship into a carbony asteroid and figure out how to live off the carbon and then spend 5 generations hopping from one to the next, progressively figuring out how to live further and further from the sun, eventually leaving the oort cloud entirely and settling up to live off the tidal forces a satellite feels when orbiting a rogue gas giant…”

“The first topographically accurate lunar globe, displaying the current lunar phases at any given time.”

“NASA: Decade long flight across the solar system. Arrives within 72 seconds of predicted. No errors. Me: undefined is not a function”

“[…] unmanned NASA and ESA programs have been putting landers on Titan, shooting chunks of metal into an inbound comet, driving rovers around Mars and continuing to gather a variety of priceless observations from the many active unmanned orbital telescopes and space probes sprinkled through the Solar System. At the same time, the skeleton crew on the ISS has been fixing toilets, debugging laptops, changing batteries, and speaking to the occasional elementary school over ham radio.”

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