What happens if we invest ten years in learning Lisp? Wonderful things, we get a wizard’s hat. If we invest ten years in PureScript I expect we’ll be dreaming of fizz buzz with semigroups and apply.

But what happens if we put ten years of study into JavaScript? Will we be as “incredibly productive” as we would be with ten years of Lisp? Or do we end up with two years of JavaScript productivity and five years of general-purpose broad principles we borrow from Java and Python?

Even if we might be granted an exemption — as a small manufacturer — there is also the issue of social acceptance. Things are changing. People are more aware, more sensitive… Many of our customers are entrepreneurs. These people don’t just have passions, they have sharp minds and they know what is going on in the world.

There are perception issues, like it or not, and when you are perceived as an outlaw you no longer fit into the big picture. So we need to adjust, while remaining consistent to the brand.

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