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“determines what the most important colors used in your image are, and if one of them is a background color”

“In Requests, you’ll be able to mount external services to the routing mechanism by mocking HTTP. To Requests, it’ll be an HTTP Service, but in reality the service could be anything: a random number generator, ZeroMQ socket, proxy, WSGI application, &c.”

“The maps are immutable, immortal and reused as much as possible. This means, that two instances of the same class with the same set of attributes will have the same map. This also means that the memory the map itself uses is not too important, because it will potentially be amortized over many instances.”

“[…] importing a submodule will actually modify the parent module’s namespace. […] This happens even if you do not get an explicit reference to x, eg if you do import x.y as t.”

“An alternative to Python’s dir function. Easy to type; easy to read! For humans only.”

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