“Agile increases the feedback frequency while giving engineers no real power. That’s a losing bargain, because it means that they’re more likely to jerked around or punished when things take longer than they «seem» they should take. These decisions are invariably made by business people who will call shots based on emotion rather than deep insight into the technical challenges or the nature of the development.”

“If you’re set on a remote job (e.g. you don’t want to drag your family around) you really don’t want to be looking for companies you like and then trying to argue the case for remote working. Even if you end up working at that company if they aren’t set up for remote working you’ll have a fairly miserable experience. […]

~50 companies […] ~30 email conversations, ~20 Skype calls […] ~10 in-person interviews in San Francisco […] two confirmed offers with confirmed (decent) salaries”

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