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“Typo is a programming language that runs in Haskell’s type system. A Typo program is compiled to a Haskell module that’s then typechecked to compute the result. All computation happens in Haskell’s type system.”

“This is the first programming language to be publicly released from a plane flying over the Atlantic Ocean. I’m almost certain of that.”

Simon Peyton Jones, coauthor of GHC, on types as APIs, Haskell intermediate language, 30k cores parallelism, Erlang as a Haskell library, CS education for kids, Google Dart, and more.

“allows managing files with git, without checking the file contents into git”

I started using annex to keep my mp3s in sync after buying the new laptop. So far, I can only complain about the installation process (oh, the joys of Haskell). I use only the very basic functionality, though.

Most of my music collection is still not on the new machine. When I find that I miss some artist, I wake my old white MacBook from sleep, type something like “play john5” in my Air’s terminal, and get actual mp3s from white:~/Music/mp3/john5 rsynced over wifi and opened in iTunes. Quite pleasant. :)

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